Fraud Protection

We want to help you safeguard yourself against any and all forms of fraudulent activity. The Northwestern District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Unit has asked local banks like us to alert customers about scams and fraudulent activities taking place with increased regularity.

Many scams involve:

  • Receiving cashiers or personal checks through internet transactions
  • Being contacted by individuals from foreign countries regarding winning, receiving, or sending money in relation to a lottery prize or to use their account to receive a deposit
  • Scammers trying to convince you that you’ve won a contest, the lottery or will receive an inheritance, etc.

A few precautions you can take:

  • Never wire money to someone you don’t know, and double check those you think you know
  • Never deposit a cashiers check and wire money back to anyone

Neither this bank, nor any legitimate business, will ever ask for private information either by phone or email.

If you have concerns or have been scammed, contact the Northwestern District Attorney, Consumer Protection Unit:
Hampshire County DA at 413-586-9225
Franklin County DA at 413-774-3186

Contact the bank immediately if you have concerns about any potentially fraudulent activity on any of your accounts:
toll free at 877-682-0334

Money Smart for Older Adults Resource Guide

This guide from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in easy-to-read 14 point font, provides information on common frauds, scams and other forms of elder financial exploitation and suggests steps that older persons and their caregivers can take to avoid being targeted or victimized.