PayItNow™ person to person payments

Split the bill. Pay your rent. Or send money to a loved one. 

With PayItNow™ it’s easy to transfer funds between individuals quickly and securely, all within your GCB Online or Mobile Banking.

The Simplest Way to Send Money – Anytime to Anyone* 

What is PayItNow™ and How Does it Work?

PayItNow™ is a person to person (P2P) money transfer service offered through GCB Online and Mobile Banking. PayItNow™ lets you send money from your personal checking or savings account to another person’s email address or mobile phone number — no matter where they do their banking.*

You’ll find PayItNow™ in the Transfers menu. To send funds you simply add the payee using their email address or mobile phone number then choose the amount and send-on date.

The payee receives a notification that you’re sending money which includes instructions for accepting the funds. They can even choose to have future payments from you automatically accepted and deposited!

How Do I Cancel a Transfer?

You can cancel a transfer until it has been accepted by the recipient. Once a transfer has been accepted, it cannot be cancelled or changed.

Sending Money Safely

With PayItNow™, account information stays private. All that’s needed to send money is an email address or mobile phone number.

PayItNow™ offers an extra layer of security. When you send a payment, you’re prompted to set a secret question and answer. If the payee doesn’t know the answer, they can’t collect the funds.

Is There a Fee to Use PayItNow™?

No. PayItNow™ is free to GCB Online and Mobile Banking users.**

*PayItNow™ can be used for payees within the US, international payments are not allowed.
**Person to Person transfers drawn from your account that use Overdraft Privilege available funds will result in a standard insufficient funds charge, for each overdraft item, as detailed in the Bank’s Fee Schedule..