The Benefits of Speaking With Your Local Commercial Lender Early

When either starting a new business or even looking for new financing for an existing business, it’s highly recommended that you sit down with a local commercial lender early in the process.

Know What Information is Needed to start The Process

Your local commercial lender will help you obtain necessary paperwork such as three years of your Business Federal Tax Returns, the Bank’s Personal Financial Statement and other internal business documents that may be required for The Bank to make a loan decision.  For a start-up business you will need to provide The Bank with projected financial statements and a business plan.  Most start-ups will require a type of Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantee for their business loan.  GCB is an SBA Preferred Lender and your commercial lender will expertly guide you through this process.

Help Us Help You!

By speaking to a commercial lender early, it helps us make you feel more confident about the lending process as not only will you find out what financial information is needed for a loan decision, you will be able to get a better idea of what time is needed to get your loan underwritten and approved and what would be the required steps to get your loan closed and funded.

Chat to Your Commercial Lender

With years of experience within their local communities, their expertise in lending and local business issues, makes your commercial lender well equipped to ask the right questions to make your loan application move fast and easy, and an important place to get valuable business guidance.

 Ready to get Started?

If you’d like to learn more about gaining business financing, come over to The Co-Op and chat with one of our local and experienced commercial lenders.