Greenfield Cooperative Bank Marketing Director, Siobhan Tripp, Graduates from the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing School

Tony Worden, President & CEO of Greenfield Cooperative Bank, is pleased to announce that GCB Marketing Director, Siobhan Tripp, has successfully completed the American Bankers Association (ABA) Bank Marketing School. This intensive program, held April 10-19, 2024, in Atlanta, GA, is designed to equip banking professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to develop and execute effective marketing strategies in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

“Completing the ABA Bank Marketing School has been an enriching experience,” says Siobhan Tripp. “The program provided me with invaluable insights into the latest marketing trends and best practices specific to the banking industry. I’m confident that the knowledge and skills I gained will allow me to make a significant contribution to the continued success of Greenfield Co-op.”

The program emphasizes practical application through a collaborative marketing planning case study, allowing participants to grapple with real-world scenarios and refine their marketing problem-solving abilities.

“Siobhan’s dedication to professional development is a valuable asset to our team,” says Tony Worden. “The expertise gained through the ABA Bank Marketing School will be instrumental in helping us achieve our marketing goals and better serve our customers.”