Easily send and receive money with an unlinked transfer.

Need to send money fast? Instantly transfer funds to another GCB account.

Sometimes you need to send money quickly. We make it easy to instantly send funds to another GCB account. Simply add an unlinked transfer account in your GCB Online Banking or GCB Mobile App. 

How to add a Transfer Account: 

  • Login to GCB Online Banking
  • Find the ‘Transfers‘ drop down menu, and select ‘Transfer Accounts
  • Click ‘Add Account‘ – a popup will ask you if you’d like to add ‘Someone else’s account at Greenfield and Northampton Cooperative Bank
  • You will need to know the Account Owner’s First and Last Name, the Account Type, and the Account Number.

Then just click ‘Add Account‘ and you’re all set! Start transferring funds right away.